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Portico has built a variety of pilot projects and sample scenarios that showcase the power of our tools and conversation system.

The driving force behind Portico’s success is its proprietary Portico TrueTalk, which derives the intent of the speaker accurately and in real-time.  Portico has made this technology available via its API, allowing organizations to integrate real time speech processing into new and existing applications. Using an audio stream, TrueTalk provides a continuous low-latency response of the interpreted meaning of the user’s statement. So as the user is talking, TrueTalk provides  updates as to the meaning behind the words. And TrueTalk goes deeper than that: it not only analyzes what was said, but how it was said. It picks up on nuance of language to determine vocabulary, clarity, and mood.

The following are some samples that we’ve made available that demonstrate the variety of conversations and role play scenarios that can be created using the Portico tools. For additional information on how these were created or how these scenarios might apply to your organization, please contact Portico.

Portico Use Cases

Diversity and Inclusion Training


Portico is developing​ a series of templates and modules to address unconscious bias. The first module puts learners in charge of a meeting in which they need to work with their team to reach a consensus. As learners practice, the Virtual Trainer listens in and guides them to use more inclusive language.

Virtual Reality Coffee Service

This pilot showcases how even a seemingly simple conversation can benefit from training and practice. Built as a Unity project with the Portico API incorporated, this demo adds elements of physicality and proximity to the training. Employees who participated in this pilot project were impressed not only with its effectiveness, but also the way in which they were able to hone their speaking patterns to best suit the situation.

Corporate Leadership Simulation

What are effective ways to lead your team? This simulation takes leaders through sample conversations with demonstrations of positive ways to communicate with team members. It includes a robust practice section so new leaders can reinforce their skills and grow comfortable in their roles.

Hotel Check In Simulation

This project guides the user through a simplified hotel check in procedure. By using the Portico Player, learners have the option to run the simulation on a desktop computer or in a virtual reality headset. The incorporated business process and virtual coach can be turned off to provide a more realistic setting that tests retention as well as mannerisms.

De-escalation Simulation

Written specifically with law enforcement in mind, cadets and applicants are encouraged to use their voices instead of physical interactions to calm the situation.

Video coming soon.

Safety and Security Simulation

Safety and Security

When a patron gets hurt at a gym facility, employees need to be able to respond quickly and appropriately. In this scenario, employees practice correct procedure for escalating medical care quickly and for collecting information about injury incidents. This scenario was designed for desktop interactions, but can also be experienced in virtual reality.


Video coming soon.

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