The Portico ELP embraces the science and neuroscience of immersive, simulation training. The driving force behind our success is Portico TrueTalk, which allows employees to use human-voice to role play with virtual avatars that provide immediate real-time feedback. Portico enables employees to optimize their practice and gain confidence and knowledge that they can apply to the real world.

The Portico Difference

The Portico Experiential Player runs directly in the browser. Microlearning content is available on mobile, computer, and Virtual Reality.

Employees use human-voice to role-play with a virtual avatar using Portico TrueTalk AI.

Optimize learning and skill practice with real-time immediate feedback.

Employee data is stored and analyzed for objective, measurable results. Our Portico IQ score is a measure of each employee's soft skills competencies. 

Lastly, employees can replay scenarios whenever they like, keeping the training alive and sustaining its impact through spaced learning.

5 Steps to Success with Porticos' Experiential Learning Platform
The Platform’s Key Components


The driving force behind Portico’s success is its proprietary Portico TrueTalk, which derives the intent of the learner accurately and in real-time. Giving an employee a pre-selected set of answers is not ideal for behavior learning. The learner needs to generate a response and get immediate feedback for optimal training.  


The Portico IQ is our proprietary performance score. We assign a Portico IQ score to each training session as a benchmark for employee performance. This provides an objective, tangible value for employee and management training.


Our analytics dashboard provides objective metrics of the learner’s performance. All voice interactions are transcribed and mapped back to measurable results.


Each training module is completely interactive and immersive creating the most engaging simulation-based training in the market today. Employees can earn achievements and increase their Portico IQ score to increase their mastery of each module.


The ELP runs in the browser, and the content has been designed from the ground up to work across computer, mobile, and virtual reality. We support all major VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, and Google Daydream.


Each training session averages less than 10 mins, which makes the information easy to digest, cost effective, and accessible anywhere, anytime.

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