Portico: Giving a new voice to training content

Portico is the only training platform that fully incorporates voice into automated online learning. This makes it an ideal tool for soft skills training such as leadership, customer service, safety and security, and more. We offer a variety of tools to help you build and deploy content to your workforce. We can also work with you to develop custom solutions specific for your organization.


Portico offers three primary tools for creating training content:


For additional information about any of these products or about our custom solutions, please contact us.

Portico Authoring Tool

The Portico Authoring Tool includes features for designing conversational branches, alternate approaches, and important vocabulary. Creators can tie key conversation nodes back to business processes or overall educational goals. Advanced features give even more control to content rules, conditional events, and randomization of scenarios.

Most importantly, the tool doesn’t require any programming knowledge, so creators can jump in and start designing conversations today.


Portico API


Portico has created an enterprise-ready spoken language API that allows you to integrate voice and natural conversations into your applications.

The API contains tools for:

  • Streaming audio sockets for realtime intent/ meaning analysis

  • Full audio transcripts

  • Session management

  • Conversation analytics

  • Creating and managing the conversation's Artificial Intelligence library

  • Establishing the business process behind the conversation​

Portico Player


Portico offers a ready-to-go player for conversations created with the Portico Authoring Tool. This player serves many purposes ranging from testing role play scenarios to deploying them to a large enterprise audience.


The Portico Player offers:

  • Web deployable content playable on mobile, desktop, or virtual reality

  • Integrated conversation engine and business process tracking

  • Simple configuration for environments and characters

  • No programming skills needed.

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