Deploying Portico Content

Portico offers two methods of deploying content.


The Portico Player offers a simple, straightforward method of testing and deploying conversations from any device. Learners talk directly to digital avatars while being guided by a virtual coach.


For more complex or custom applications, conversations are available via the Portico API. This allows developers to integrate conversations directly into Unity, Unreal, HTML5, or other custom applications.

Users of Portico-powered applications can talk directly to digital avatars, on-screen and off. The Portico TrueTalk AI provides real-time responses that make conversations seem natural. So whether you’re building an enterprise training application, a VR application that requires a voiced interface, or an interactive sales tool for potential customers, the Portico TrueTalk AI provides a robust role-playing engine that makes your users feel like they’re part of the conversation.

Portico Player


Portico offers a ready-to-go player for conversations created with the Portico Authoring Tool. This player serves many purposes ranging from testing role play scenarios to deploying them to a large enterprise audience.


The Portico Player offers:

  • Web deployable content playable on mobile, desktop, or virtual reality

  • Integrated conversation engine and business process tracking

  • Simple configuration for environments and characters

  • No programming skills needed.


The Portico Player is available to all users of the Portico Authoring Tool.

Portico API


Portico has created an enterprise-ready spoken language API that allows you to integrate voice and natural conversations into your applications.

The API contains tools for:

  • Streaming audio sockets for realtime intent/ meaning analysis

  • Full audio transcripts

  • Session management

  • Conversation analytics

  • Creating and managing the conversation's Artificial Intelligence library

  • Establishing the business process behind the conversation


The API is currently available to select beta clients. If you're interested in using Portico in your application, please contact us to learn more about becoming part of the beta program.

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