Giving a new voice to training content

The Portico Authoring Tool empowers content creators to build dynamic, engaging role play scenarios that can be incorporated into any application


The tool includes features for designing conversational branches, alternate approaches, and important vocabulary. Creators can tie key conversation nodes back to business processes or overall educational goals. Advanced features give even more control to content rules, conditional events, and randomization of scenarios.


Most importantly, the tool doesn’t require any programming knowledge, so creators can jump in and start designing conversations today.


The Portico Authoring Tool offers a robust workspace for creating, testing, and benchmarking role play scenarios for your team. The Portico Authoring Tool allows you to:

  • Organize the entire flow of the conversation

  • Define your business process and identify how those specific steps are achieved through conversation and action

  • Provide sample statements for possible learner statements; our algorithms take care of the rest

  • Identify areas in which a Virtual Trainer can provide immediate feedback (both positive and negative) to your employees

  • Randomize events to create additional depth and re-use to the role play

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