Interactive, Scalable Role Play Simulations Powered by
Portico TrueTalk AI

Teach, practice, and master the interpersonal skills that businesses demand today.

Portico has created a robust role-playing engine that makes your learners feel like they’re part of the conversation. 
Advantages of the Portico Platform
  • Allows learners to talk directly to virtual employees, customers, guests, and clients
  • Provides immediate feedback on performance without the need for manager intervention
  • Includes tools for building dynamic conversations
  • Deploys simulations via our Portico Player or any custom application
  • Provides thorough analytics on employee performance
The Portico Platform offers several direct benefits to corporate learners

The Portico Platform is the only one that fully integrates voice and conversations into online role play scenarios.


Learners get immediate feedback on performance without the need for manager review or intervention.


Course creators can quickly build conversations around business processes and learning goals with our state-of-the-art conversation tools.


Conversations can be deployed through our Portico Player or integrated into any custom application.


Portico provides reports on a variety of vocal mannerisms include speech clarity, volume, and vocabulary. 

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