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Portico records and analyzes each session, whether accessed via the Portico Player or the API. Employees can access their past training scenarios to see their improvements while managers can use the data to identify areas for additional work.

All of this data feeds into the Portico IQ, a numeric scoring of overall performance. This number takes into account all facets of the scenario and provides a generalized benchmark by which learners can compare themselves to past performances, each other, and the organization as a whole.

The analytics serve as a valuable monitor of individual employee performance as well as the performance of a department or organization as a whole. It can report on areas of common deficiency, providing managers with essential insight on where process improvements can be made.

Beyond the analytics, Portico offers achievements and other gamification methods to encourage employees to increase their mastery of on-the-job skills.


The Portico IQ is our proprietary performance score. We assign a Portico IQ score to each training session as a benchmark for employee performance. This provides an objective, tangible value for employee and management training.


Our analytics dashboard provides objective metrics of the learner’s performance. All voice interactions are transcribed and mapped back to measurable results.


Each training module is completely interactive and immersive creating the most engaging simulation-based training in the market today. Employees can earn achievements and increase their Portico IQ score to increase their mastery of each module.

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